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BNDC Forum 2019 Cancelled

We at Biomass North have had to make a very tough decision – to choose whether to cancel Biomass North Forum 2019:  Connecting Canada’s Bioeconomy.  As some of you know, we took the decision to cancel this year’s event.

We have always striven to be open and transparent with our stakeholders, whether it be our perspective on policy or sharing knowledge we have gained to ensure the entire sector benefits.  I would like to explain the context behind the decision we made, and I will be blunt.

Our primary goals for our annual Forum are to:

·         Strengthen and extend the sector network in Canada

·         Offer meaningful content that improves our stakeholders’ understanding and ability to participate in the emerging bioeconomy

·         Connect Canadian businesses and communities with opportunities both domestic and international

·         Communicate academic research with the businesses and communities that need to make informed decisions

·         Inform policy makers about best practices and strategic directions in international bioeconomies

·         Earn enough income to offset some of our annual operational costs and to seed future events/trade missions

With the political uncertainty of the pre-writ period federally, we could not get concrete confirmation about the attendance of key political and administrative staff.  As several provinces prepare for provincial elections and others are in the midst of policy and program changes as the result of recent changes in government, delegates that had conditionally agreed to attend/speak were unable to confirm with certainty.  Coupled with what could be called an adversarial relationship between some of our provinces and the current federal government in regards to addressing climate change and transitioning to a low carbon economy, we could not achieve the critical mass of attendance that would allow us to achieve the goals listed above.

We chose to cancel the Forum in order to ensure our fiduciary duty to the organization, but also because we could not in good faith encourage people to attend when we could not be certain the event would provide the value that we believe our stakeholders deserve.  While it was the best decision we could make given the circumstances, we regret not being able to move the sector forward by hosting our annual event.  We will be refunding all paid registrants the cost of their tickets.

We thank everyone who has reached out with understanding and we recognise the disappointment that many have expressed. 


Dawn Lambe
Executive Director, Biomass North Development Centre